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Goal setting with Systems Training Center's Karate expert Peter Jumrukovski

The Goal book by Systems Training Center's team member Peter Jumroski

Encino, San Fernando Valley

Peter Jumrukovski is a Karate black belt, who has competed at a very high level on the international Karate scene. Peter is also part of the Systems Training Center family and works at the South Bay location. He is an all around great guy and the following writing is his own words. We love sharing success stories, especially success stories that are motivating to other people! Congratulations Peter on an amazing job!

My name is Peter Jumrosvski and I'm a regular guy that have used goal settings to accomplish great things such as winning a world medal in Karate, writing a book in 40 days and moving across the globe from Sweden all the way to Los Angeles. But let’s rewind a couple of years back. My early Christmas gift 2012 was that I got fired from my high paying sales job. I did well but unfortunately not the product I was working with. I really liked my job, but I knew that I wanted to start my own business. I was just too afraid and comfortable to do it. When I got fired all my bridges were burned and I had no choice but to succeed with my business. I decided to write a book about Goal Settings, and I decided to do it in 40 days just to show that the recipe for success that I wrote about really works on any area of life. Let me share how I wrote a life changing book in 40 days. But first let me tell you a few things I have been able to accomplish by working with goals in the right way:

· Becoming a National Karate Champion 8 times. · Winning a World Bronze Medal in Shotokan Karate. · Being able to attract the girl that I really wanted. · Written a book in 40 days. The great part is that I am just a regular guy. My only ”talent” is my discipline and the power of my word. If I promise myself to do something, then I go through with it, no matter what. You can do that too! So let me tell you how I wrote a book in 40 days. When I was fired, I finally commited to go after what I have wanted for so long. I wanted help people to do a lot better in sports, business and life. I figured that in order to get speaking gigs I needed to write a book. Because people who write books are smart, right? I also wanted to test if the tools I had used as an athlete would work on a new area like writing a book. The Goal looked like this: Write a book about Goal Settings in 40 days. • 100 pages in Word text size 12 (I googled it and found out that about 100 pages will be 160 pages in a book) • 100 pages divided by 40 days = 2,5 pages a day. Said and done, every day I walked to the library in my hometown Halmstad (Sweden), ordered a Cappuccino with a doubleshot of espresso and started writing. Was it easy? Definitely not! Did I do it? Yes, I did! By keeping my word to myself and taking daily small steps (2,5 pages), I did it. How I got my book published is another story. The result is The Goal Book, who is currently one of the most sold books in self development in Sweden and also recently published in the US. It has already been read by successful athletes, business owners and regular people like you and me that are sick and tired of a mediocre life. Looking back I can see the dots connecting, but when I started out I had no idea of what I was doing and wondered if I would make it. But I did it by implementing the same strategies I did as an athlete and the same strategy that I write about in The Goal Book. If a regular guy like me can succeed, I am certain that you can too.  All you need to do is find the tools that works for you and get started. If you need some help, you should try reading my book The Goal Book.  Or if you want why not take my FREE 7-Day Goal Setting Challenge. After completing it I will even give you the first two chapters of my book for free. You can also order the book directly here - enjoy!

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