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Yoga added to the schedule along with Krav Maga

Yoga is being added to the Systems Training Center Encino schedule, along with Krav Maga!

Encino, San Fernando Valley

Yoga is something some of our members been asking about for a while. That's why we have add a yoga class on Tuesdays at 5pm! 

Why Yoga? Well, it is a great addition to the boot camp HIIT classes, the MMA, Kickboxing and BJJ. With the amount of high impact training we do, it is important to stretch our muscles, in order to prevent injuries and maintain/increase range of motion.

That Yoga makes you more flexible is no secret but did you know that Yoga also helps prevent the breakdown of cartilage and joints; increases your focus; improves your balance; strengthens your core; increases the mental endurance?

Bethany Sullivan trained at Core Power Yoga in Studio City, where she completed her 200 hours and then went on to do their extension Yoga programs. Bethany also completed a trauma informed Yoga training through Yoga uprising, a non profit based in LA.

So come in and try a free Yoga class - first class being held tomorrow, at 5pm!

Also, don't forget that we have added yet another Krav Maga class - Tuesday nights at 8pm!

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