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Summer kick off at the beach with Krav Maga Kickboxing and CrossFit

Summer Kickoff at the beach with Krav Maga, Kickboxing and CrossFit!

Encino, The Valley

This Sunday, we doing our annual beach day kick off, which was a huge success last year!

We are going to be starting at 8am (early bird gets the best spot at the beach they say) and host classes down there that day!

Here is our schedule:

10am - CrossFit

11am - Kickboxing

12pm - Krav Maga

Along with other beach activities, such as volley ball, soccer and surfin/boogie boarding!

We are going to be at Manhattan Beach in South Bay. Parking at the beach is always difficult on the weekend, so make sure you are early! Alternatively, park a few miles away and get an uber

To RSVP to our event, please click here.

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