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Music vs MMA

What does music and MMA have in common? 

Encino, The Valley

Usually, most wouldn't associate music with MMA. Or any martial arts for that matter. Sure, we tend to listen to music when we train but that's about as far as the relationship goes. Sure, one could argue that we are all artists (martial vs musical) but that is about as far as the common nominators go. However, Systems Training Center Encino's Krav Magaboot campCrossFit and kids BJJ coach John McCue's daughter is a very talented musician and that's why we wanted to put a link to her latest single, Giants

For more information on Keta McCue, please visit her website www.ketamusic.com

Although we wanted to take a moment to share Keta's new single, we also wanted to include KickboxingMMACrossFit and Krav Maga instructor Marcus Kowal's favorite song by Keta - listen to it below!

Anyone that downloads Keta's song from iTunes gets a free class at either Systems Training Center gym!

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