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Another week of BJJ and MMA plus a wrestling seminar

Another week of BJJ and MMA - plus a wrestling seminar!

Encino, The Valley

Few gyms are as busy as Systems Training Center, when it comes to BJJ and MMA.

First off, BJJ coach Arnaldo Maidana de Oliveira had yet another successful weekend, winning the Las Vegas IBJJF Open. That's 3 golds in 2 weeks, between Florida and Las Vegas!

Next up, we had Terrion "Flash" Ware, who fought a tough 5 round decision against a very game Luke Sanders. Sanders won the fight but Terrion showed more heart during those 25 minutes than most men show in a life time. We are very proud of you Terrion!

This weekend, we also have the pleasure to take part of a great wrestling clinic. Saturday, the 16th of May, the South Bay grapplers. Systems Training Center members get 5(!!) hours of wrestling for only $35! Open to all ages, as the coaches will go over high school and collegiate wrestling, as well as freestyle (Olympic style) and live wrestling!

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