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Christos Giagos dominates at UFC Fight Night 62

Christos Giagos dominates at UFC Fight Night 62!

Encino, The Valley

South Bay's Christos Giagos made fighting look easy, with a flawless victory at UFC Fight Night 62 in Brazil. After some exchanges standing up, where Systems Training Center's Christos Giagos out struck his opponent, Christos took the fight to the ground with a hard double leg take down. After that, it was all Christos Giagos, who showed a beautiful display of BJJ and ground and pound. Christos mounted his opponent twice, before taking the back and finishing the fight with a rear naked choke. To see the highlights of the fight, please click here.

We also want to congratulate BJJ fighter and coach Arnaldo Maidana De Oliveira, who took a super fight in Las Vegas to a draw on Saturday night. Don't miss Arnaldo on Monday nights at 6 and 7pm for Gi BJJ! Lastly, kids MMA coach, Angel Diaz lost a decision in his 2nd MMA fight in less than 2 weeks!

Congratulations to all of you!

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