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Systems Training Center loses a family member to drunk driving

Systems Training Center loses a family member to drunk driving

Encino, The Valley

On Saturday, Systems Training Center got some very sad news; We had lost our friend and member Eric Phan. 

Eric was one of the guys who always brought a smile to your face. He was very liked by both fellow members and instructors, who all are both shocked and saddened by the news. We wanted to share what our instructors had to say about Eric with you.

"Eric was an amazing guy to be around. He had such a contagious laugh, haha. If it was one thing that caught my attention about Eric, it was that he made sure he pushed himself a little harder every class. True spirit of a warrior. He was a great friend and I will truly miss him. May he rest in peace." - kids MMA and MMA fighter Danny Vazquez

"He was always such a nice guy. Can't believe I just spoke to him at the U of MMA fights last week and now he is gone. He was so proud and excited for our guys and girls who fought that night." kids BJJ instructor and MMA fighter Maria Rios

"Eric had such a contagious smile. Every time he stepped foot in the gym, he was so upbeat and cracked jokes left and right. It didn't matter if you took a class with him or not - everyone knew 'the funny guy'." - CrossFit and Fitness instructor Lauren Torres

"Eric was one of my favorite students. He knew how to have fun and work hard at the same time. I'll remember him for his charming smile, good nature and sense of humor. The world would be a better place if we had more people like Eric. He will be sorely missed and never forgotten." - CrossFit & Kickboxing instructor and MMA fighter Dima Gerasimov

"I loved having him in class. He always made me laugh and him and his boy Adrian always made some funny comments during class (especially when we were doing sit ups), making the whole class laugh. Although he always had something funny to say, he was always hard-working. Crazy to think it was only last Thursday that I complimented him him in class on his kicks, that had improved tremendously. 'Hard work pays off' he said, with a smile. He was always there for the team too, screaming for our guys and girls when they were fighting. Only two weeks ago, I was surprised to see him at the Revgear World Open when I was competing. 'I came to support!' he said. He always did. You'll always be in my Thai Pads class in spirit Eric!" - Owner Marcus Kowal

If you want to go to the Fundraiser event for Eric, please visit this link.

The last video we have of Eric from the fights last week:

Rest in Peace Eric and please, please don't drink and drive!

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