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Chess Boxing and Chess Jiu Jitsu at Systems Training Center

Chess Boxing and Chess Jiu Jitsu at Systems Training Center!

Encino, The Valley

This Saturday, the 17th of January at 7pm, Systems Training Center is hosting a historic event: A night of Chess Boxing and - a sport that has never previously been "played"; Chess Jiu Jitsu!

So what exactly is Chess BoxingChess boxing is a sport, where you have to use both your physical skills and brains. One plays one round of speed chess and then a round of boxing and ways to win are either check mate or KO/on points.

So what is Chess Jiu Jitsu then? Chess Jiu Jitsu is a hybrid sport of chess and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The sport will be played the same way as Chess Boxing; 1 round of chess and one round of BJJ. Originally, Chess Boxing was played until either a check mate or a KO. Thus, Chess Jiu Jitsu will be played that way - either until a check mate or until a submission!

Systems Training Center is actually the HQ for Los Angeles Chess Boxing. For more information on the sport, please visit LA Chess Boxing's website hereSystems Training Center was also featured in "The Trhillist" article "8 LA Sports Leagues You Should Actually Join". To read the article, please visit here.

To RSVP to this amazing/historic event, please RSVP here. Proceeds from the event go to Mana Sports, which is a non profit that helps fund Martial Arts Training for kids in the Hawthorne/South Bay area. 

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