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Busy MMA week for Systems Training Centers Fight Team

Busy MMA week for Systems Training Center's Fight Team!

Encino, The Valley

On Friday the 9th, 5 of Systems Training Center's fighters stepped into the cage at the Commerce Casino in LA, for Bad Beat MMA.

The first 2 fights were both Systems Training Center Fighters and the walk outs to the cage took longer than the fights: 1st fight ended in only 15 seconds, with Erick Gonzalez knocking his opponent out. This was Erick's pro MMA debut after a perfect amateur record at 155 lbs.

The 2nd fight was slightly longer....16 seconds, before Systems Training Center Kickboxing instructor Isaac Velasco knocked his opponent out and landed a beautiful flying knee in the process. To see it, please click here.

Next up was Jessica Pryor making her Pro debut in MMA. However, Jessica is far from new to combat sports: 3 times National Tae Kwon Do Silver Medalist and Beijing Olympic Trials competitor in Tae Kwon Do as well. Jessica won a decision that saw her very dominant in the first and the third and showed true heart when she was in some trouble in the second round.

Eric Rios also made his pro debut after a great MMA amateur career. Unfortunately, his opponent utilized his strong wrestling and basically went for the takedown and then just held the position for the remainder of the fight. Eric lost a decision but came out completely unscathed. 

Last up was Ruben Warr, who made his first weight cut down to 135 lbs. Ruben is an all around great athlete, with supreme boxingkickboxing and wrestling. Ruben dominated the first 2 rounds but unfortunately got stuck in a body triangle on the ground in the third, which costed him the fight (decision loss).

Regardless of outcome, we are proud of our fighters, who put their skills to test and fought with their hearts!

In addition to our MMA fighters at the Commerce Casino, LA, Kaiyana Rain made her pro boxing debut, get this; at the age of 41 (!!) for Gary Shaw Productions at the Chumash Casino. Kaiyana fought a very experienced boxer and lost a decision.

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