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Systems Training Center owner Marcus Kowal wrote this on his website www.marcuskowal.com. and we wanted to add it to our website as well.

By: Marcus Kowal

It's been a very exciting year with a lot of work, training, sweat, a little bit of blood and maybe a couple of tears. Some tears of sadness - the most devastating loss of our team mate and brother Dee Boites on April 30th, who will always be part of our gym and family.

A lot of tears of happiness, with a some great moments in 2014. Like Systems Training Center BJJ coach Pedro Munhoz first defending his RFA title and then having a great run in the UFC - we are all very excited to see what the future holds for him. Our CrossFit and kickboxing instructor Christos Giagos winning both the Tachi Palace and the RFA title and then get signed to the UFC as well. Christos' entering a new chapter of his MMA career that many had foreseen for some time. MMA coach Terrion Ware, who also had a great year, winning and defending the BAMMA title. 2015 looks to be a promising year for him as well. Albert Morales, who won an amateur title; won the Revgear BJJ World Open Tournament; won the BJJ World Championships as a blue belt; and then got signed with Bellator! There's too many great moments to mention them all but we definitely remember them all. Like Wrestling coach Ron Henderson being signed with BellatorCrossFit and Kickboxing coach Dima Gerasimov taking on Chinzo Machida in a "Fight of the Year" nominated decision loss. Angel Diaz winning both his kickboxing debut and the BJJ world championships as a blue belt. The addition of BJJ phenom Arnaldo Maidana de OliveiraMMA coach John Robles getting signed with RFA and the list goes on and on. In addition to all the success in BJJ and MMA, we have more exciting news with several new classes coming in 2015! We are doing a nice facelift of the gym for the first 3 days of the year (thus, we are closed the 1-3 of January), in order to be able to make the place even nicer! In addition to all the great moments at Systems Training Center, we got an addition to the Family in May, when we added Gracie Barra EncinoGracie Barra Encino has had some outstanding moments in BJJ competitions, as well the addition of Thai Pads (kickboxing classes) and now, morning Boot Camp classes, starting in 2015! In other exciting news, Gracie Barra Encino will become Systems Training Center Encino in 2015! In other words, the Systems Training Center family will continue to grow!

On a personal level, I love to see the progress we have had and continue to have. I enjoy the journey of seeing the development of both our fighters, as well as our instructors and members. To see someone come in to try a class, regardless of what class that may be, and see them a month later; 6 months later; a year later and to see their improvements. From someone who can't lift a bar in CrossFit or do a single pull up, to completing full WODS. Or someone who couldn't dent a donut with a punch in Kickboxing, learn how to actually throw both punches and kicks properly. Or someone who has never known how to stand up for themselves, show how they can deal with attackers who come at them in Krav Maga. Or a shy child come in, who might be bullied in school train for a few months and to see their smiles, as they realize that they can stand up for themselves - to see their confidence grow. Losing 10 pounds, or getting stronger, or getting leaner, or learning to defend yourself, or wanting to learn a pull up or a muscle up or how to whoop some serious butt, or competing in BJJ, or becoming a pro MMA fighter, or getting into the UFC. Regardless of what YOUR goals were in 2014, it was on honour and a pleasure to be part of it and I thank you all for the great moments and looking forward to sharing your NEW goals in 2015! Happy New Years everyone and let's make those New Years resolutions because this year, you ARE going to keep them!

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