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Holiday Schedule for Gracie Barra Encino

Holiday Schedule for Gracie Barra Encino.

Encino, The Valley

After a modified schedule today with only our daytime BJJ class, we are going to be closed for 2 days; Christmas Day and Boxing Day (the 26th of December). Unfortunately, the term "Boxing Day" doesn't come from fighting but rather the day servants and tradespeople were given a "Christmas Box" by their employers. Thus, no boxing or any other classes on the 26th. We are back to regular schedule again on Saturday the 27th of December (time to work off those Holiday Calories!).

Then, the same modified schedule on Wednesday the 31st with only the noon BJJ class. After that, we are closed on the first and then back to regular schedule on the 2nd with BJJ, Kickboxing and MMA - you KNOW you are going to need it!!

Happy Holidays and be safe from the Gracie Barra Encino Family!

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