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Thanksgiving donations and BJJ Phenom Arnaldo Maidana de Oliveira at Gracie Barra Encino

Thanksgiving donations and BJJ Phenom Arnaldo Maidana de Oliveira back at Gracie Barra Encino!

Encino, The Valley

First of all, we wanted to thank all the people, who donated to our Thanksgiving donation drive. We donated a total of 450 lbs of clothes and food to the homeless - thank you!

Secondly, BJJ phenom Arnaldo Maidana de Oliveira is coming back on Wednesday! He's covering BJJ black belt Gabe Ruediger's 12pm class. Arnaldo is offering an introductory private training for anyone interested at only $70! He can do it at either 11am or 1pm.

If you weren't aware, all of our instructors are available for private training

  • Gabe Ruediger, who is a former WEC champion, "The Ultimate Fighter" and UFC veteran and a BJJ black belt
  • John McCue, who is a Krav Maga, Tae Kwon Do and CrossFit instructor
  • Matt Pollino, who is a BJJ black belt and teaches both kids BJJ, adults BJJ and traditional Martial Arts.
  • Maria Rios, who teaches kids BJJ, Kickboxing and MMA and is a BJJ purple belt and pro MMA fighter.

See you all at Gracie Barra Encino!

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