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Travis Conley comes back to Gracie Barra Encino for another BJJ Seminar

Gracie Barra Encino BJJ Seminar with Travis Conley!

Encino, The Valley

Travis Conley is a very accomplished BJJ practitioner and is now trying out for the U.S. Sambo National Team as well. For those not familiar with Sambo, it is a Russian Martial Art/Combat sport. The meaning of "Sambo" in English is "Self Defense without weapons". Sambo was developed by the Soviet Red army for their hand-to-hand combative skills. Sambo has its roots in wrestling and Judo.

Cost? Only $10 (!!!) for 2 hours! Current blue belts and above at Gracie Barra Encino gets to do the seminar for free.

To RSVP to the seminar, click here.

Travis Conley is a 5 x IBJJF International Opens Champion; 3 x Abu Dhabi Pro Trials BJJ Champion; Team USA Member and FILA World Silver Medalist; 4 x Arnold Schawrzenegger Grappling Classic Champion; 2 x Revgear Superfight Brown Belt Champion; Gold Medalist for Team USA at the Pan American Sambo Championships.

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