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Acne Production hosts a corporate with Gracie Barra Encino

Encino, CA

Last Friday, Gracie Barra Encino's sister school Systems Training Center hosted a corporate event for the employees of the highly successful production company Acne.

The employees of Acne productions were somewhat nervous when they entered the gym for their Team Building day. Most of them had never done any type of Martial Arts, let alone Kickboxing.

However, it didn't take long before they were all punching and kicking and had a great time whilst doing so! Acne CEO Jesper Palsson, who has been training kickboxing for a long time and is getting ready for a kickboxing match, was very pleased with the event and stated "this is exactly what a team building event is supposed to be like: Everyone having fun - together! It is cool to see people going from being nervous to having a blast and ultimately, getting to know each other better. What better way to do so than punching and kicking each other a little bit??"

Yesterday, Systems Training Center also partook in a Health/Fitness event at TireCo and continues to spread the word of healthfitness and self defense

Systems Training Center provides corporate accounts to companies such as SpaceX (Hawthorne), Acne, etc. It's at no cost to the company and a great way to get employees in better shape (which means less sick days) and better camaraderie among employees! Gracie Barra Encino is now offering the same deal! Additionally, Gracie Barra Encino's Kickboxing instructor, CrossFit instructor and 2nd degree Krav Maga black belt Marcus Kowal has worked with several companies, such as Google, Fiji Water, E! Entertainment, etc.

Interested in hosting your special event at Graice Barra EncinoBirthday partybachelor/bachelorette party or corporate event? Do not hesitate to contact us on 818-788-6188 or visit us on 17263 Ventura Blvd, Encino!

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