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Gracie Barra Encino Kids BJJ coach Albert Morales coaches BJJ team to 2 silver medals and a gold

Gracie Barra Encino's kids BJJ coach Albert Morales coaches Systems BJJ team to 2 silver medals and 1 gold!

Gracie Barra Encino's Kids BJJ coach Albert Morales brought a team of Systems Training Center BJJ fighters to the Subfighter No Gi Classic tournament last weekend and they brought some nice bling back - 2 silvers and 1 gold! 

- Mordecai Lacanilo took silver. 

- Kevin Vasquez took silver

- Javel "Showdown" McKenzie took gold

Last but not least, Cherry Lopez, didn't have any opponents in the female BJJ division, so she entered the male division. Not only did she compete in 5 (!) matches against all guys - they were all a lot heavier than her - a true warrior!

Congratulations to the whole team and kids BJJ coach Albert!

Interested in competing? We now offer a competition BJJ class on Fridays at 5:30 and we will be going to several competitions this year!

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