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Gracie Barra Encino wins BJJ tournament

Congratulations to Eric Brown and Nicholas "Spiderman" Giarrusso, who wins NABJJF's BJJ tournament!

Last weekend, Eric Brown and "Spiderman" entered the NABJJF's BJJ tournament at Dominguez Hills. Eric did not only win the whole BJJ tournament but won 2 of his matches by submission!

Gracie Barra Encino's Professor Brian Hummel featured with Eric - thank you Prof. Brian for being there!

"Spiderman" entered the kids BJJ tournament in 2 different divisions and won gold in one and silver in the other.

"Spiderman" featured with Gracie Barra Encino BJJ Black Belt Prof. Matt Pollino.

Interested in competing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu? We now offer competition classes on Fridays at 5:30pm, both kids BJJ and adults BJJ!

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