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The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Lifestyle

What is the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu lifestyle?

You might have heard it before - the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu lifestyle. However, what exactly does it mean? There's definitely more to it than what might come to mind: Surf, eat acai (whilst wearing a gi), wear flip flops and train BJJ all day.

The physical benefits of the BJJ lifestyle are both tangible and easy to see: You lose fat, you get into shape, you become more flexible, you get stronger, your stamina improves, your core gets stronger. You might even get to see that six pack you've been wanting to see your whole life! These are the physical benefits that are either visible or at least you can feel them. 

Then there are the less visible ones: lowered cholesterol, improved motor skills, lowered blood pressure, lower stress levels (which also helps lower cholesterol). Yet, the physical benefits - albeit important - can almost be outweighed by the mental benefits. BJJ is often called "Human Chess", because of the game of trying to foresee and outmaneuver one's opponent - to make them move a certain way and to set up a trap. Drilling something over and over again, until every little detail works seamlessly once it is implemented at full speed will create a certain focus, that will help children as well as adults! Learning these details also teaches the individual how the body functions and moves (and whilst being submitted, how it does not move!). Body awareness is something we tend to lose with age, especially in today's society, where most jobs involve very little physical activity.

To many BJJ practitioners (as well as any true martial arts practitioners), the true benefits run way deeper than that: The confidence you gain from knowing that you can actually learn to defend yourself and your loved ones, increases the self confidence in ways that are difficult to explain. Additionally, learning self defense is something that any and everyone should invest sometime to do. It can obviously come in very handy but it is a nice feeling to know how to defend yourself and your family. Another benefit that many oversee is the art of drilling something over and over and then be able to implement it when going live (known as "rolling" or "sparring"). It teaches the individual that through hard work, almost anything is possible, which in turn boosts confidence even more. Learning work ethics and setting goals for yourself is something that again benefits most adults as well as children. Lastly, as you proceed to learn the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, you will get submitted on several occasions but ultimately also start submitting your training partners (or in competition, if competing in BJJ is something you want to do). It teaches you an important lesson in being humble: regardless of how good you get, there's always someone who can be better than you. The training with a partner and time spent rolling with your team mates helps form camaraderies and friendships that few other social activities can even dream of creating.

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